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Meeting unique patient needs to achieve recovery
West Gables Rehabilitation Hospital’s inpatient clinical team works closely with specialists to provide a personalized care continuum that achieves excellent outcomes for our patients.
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Maximizing outcomes for dementia and wound care patients

The highly trained physicians and treatment team at West Gables Rehabilitation Hospital use advanced technology, equipment and therapy practices to help patients with dementia establish a plan of care that will allow for a safe environment both during and after their stay in our hospital.

Additionally, the wound care program at West Gables uses advanced wound care treatments to help patients improve the quality of their lives while their wound is healing.

Our goal is to help patients resume everyday life to the greatest extent possible. Family and loved ones also play an important role in recovery and are involved in our caregiver training in preparation for the patient’s next step in their journey.

  • As one of the most debilitating disease processes in the elderly community, dementia can lead to a very self-limiting and frustrating life for patients with the disease as well as their family members. With a large geriatric population in Miami Dade County, the prevalence of dementia in the community is common; however, the services are very limited.

    At West Gables, we pride ourselves in providing patients and families affected with dementia with a structured rehabilitation program. The goal of the dementia program is to evaluate the cognitive and functional deficits associated with the disease and establish a plan of care that will allow for a safe living environment for these patients. Critical to the care of patients with dementia is the appropriate understanding of what stage of dementia the patient is in to allow for a structured plan of care to address the patient’s needs during this part in the disease process.

    Upon admission to the dementia program at West Gables, the patient will be evaluated by the interdisciplinary team and a dementia stage will be identified by the evaluating speech therapist. Once identified, a plan of care to include specific treatment strategies will be established to allow the patient to progress with his or her functional capacities. The overall goal of the program is to progress the patient’s functional independence and to educate the patient’s family and/or support system on what modifications need to be made to allow for a safe and effective lifestyle with dementia.

    Family/support system education is critical to the overall care for patients with dementia. Due to this need, West Gables Rehabilitation Hospital provides multiple opportunities for families and support systems to learn how to manage their family members with dementia. Such opportunities include the following:

    Dementia Education Orientation

    Led by our speech therapy team, our bilingual dementia education orientation provides attendees a general orientation to stroke and a forum to ask questions regarding stroke. Our stroke orientation is open to all patients, families and the general community and is offered in both English and Spanish.

    Neuropsychology Program at West Gables

    Also unique to our dementia program is our neuropsychology program. The overall goal of the neuropsychology team is to quickly assess the functional limitations associated with the patient’s disease process. We look to immediately initiate an aggressive treatment to assist patients in compensating for their deficits while progressing the patient’s family and support system on how to prepare for the functional limitations which the patient will have as a result of the dementia. Neuropsychologists provide individualized treatment sessions in addition to the therapy services already provided.

  • The wound healing program at West Gables Rehabilitation Hospital focuses on non-healing and chronic wounds.

    Wounds are caused by a variety of medical conditions and it is important to have specialists who can provide an individualized treatment plan for each patient. Our hospital utilizes a team approach to healing by offering physicians who specialize in vascular, plastic surgery and podiatry to provide a comprehensive plan for healing. The clinical staff works with patients to help improve the quality of their lives while their wound is progressing.

    The wound care center specializes in treatment of:

    • Diabetic foot ulcers
    • Wounds due to vascular problems
    • Pressure ulcers
    • Other non-healing wounds

    Our clinical staff use advanced wound care treatments to provide up-to-date technologies to heal wounds as soon as possible.

    Our wound healing program is committed to healing problem wounds by providing the patient with progressive wound treatments and arranging services to support healing upon discharge. For more information, or to make a referral, please call (305) 260-1827.

  • West Gables Rehabilitation Hospital draws on the expertise of medical rehabilitation specialists to address a range of physical and functional issues.

    This inter-professional team is led by a physiatrist, a physician board-certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation, and includes rehabilitation nurses; physical, occupational, speech and recreation therapists; dietitians; pharmacists; case managers and other clinical and support staff, as needed.

  • Therapy sessions include hands-on activities and high-tech therapy equipment. They are provided three hours per day, five days a week, or 15 hours over a seven-day period, depending on a patient’s tolerance and ability to actively participate.

    Your care plan may focus on:

    • Mobility skills training such as transfers, standing and walking
    • Strengthening, coordination and endurance exercises
    • Tactics to improve communication, swallowing and vision
    • Daily living activities such as dressing, eating and bathing
    • Strategies to improve memory, concentration, judgment and problem solving
    • Medication management
    • Community reintegration strategies
    • Caregiver education and training

    It is important to remember that recovery takes time. Each patient is different and your stay with us will depend on your diagnosis, rehabilitation needs, goals and daily progress.

  • Each patient has different challenges, goals and expectations. Tailored treatment can help:

    • Restore physical abilities
    • Build strength and endurance
    • Minimize pain
    • Improve balance and mobility
    • Enhance skills to perform daily activities
    • Avoid complications
    • Optimize independence

How can we help you?

We will work closely with you, your family, physician and your referring hospital to ensure a smooth transition to West Gables Rehabilitation Hospital.