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Spinal Cord Injury

  • Spinal Cord Injury rehabilitation at West Gables focuses on the delivery of a comprehensive, highly integrated and intensive program of medical, nursing and therapy care to address the complex needs of each patient with the exception of those patients who are still on ventilators.  The Spinal Cord Injury program at West Gables is able to take patients with any cause of spinal cord injury. 

    We provide the earliest possible start to rehabilitation and work to optimize the abilities and independence of our patients so that they may return home. This goal-directed approach enables patients to:

    • improve physical function and mobility
    • develop the skills and strategies to perform daily activities
    • utilize adaptive technologies that facilitate activities at home, work and in the community
    • overcome the psychological and social problems that often interfere with adjustment to life ahead

    The Spinal Cord Injury program at West Gables also provides patients and families / support systems with the appropriate education that is necessary to help facilitate life after a spinal cord injury.  The educational process begins with a general orientation and progresses to the individualized therapy and nursing sessions to help patients overcome each of their obstacles.  A significant component of this educational process is to also provide patients and families with the appropriate psycho-social support to help adapt to the lifestyle changes which might be a result of the injury.

    Other Resources Available For Patients Include:

    • Integration into the Florida Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Organization
    • Spasticity Management
    • Wheelchair Evaluation, Training and Provision
    • Home Evaluation & Recommendations for Modification
    • Work Re-Entry
    • Referral to support groups
    • Referral to vocational rehabilitation services
    • Referral to driving evaluation
    • Referral to research opportunities