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Other Services

  • Dialysis Services:

    West Gables provides in-house dialysis services to patients while receiving inpatient acute rehabilitation.  This contracted service allows our patients to continue with their dialysis treatment without having to leave the hospital to meet this need.  This has allowed our patients greater flexibility with their therapy schedules and thus progress with their individualized plan of care with minimal disturbance from this need.

    Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) Services:

    At West Gables, we have the capability to provide TPN services.  A protocol has been established to allow patients to receive this service while continuing with their rehabilitation services without disruption.

    Tracheostomy Care:

    West Gables does take patients on tracheostomies and has the medical and nursing capacity to provide the individualized care that these patients require.  Through medical, respiratory and nursing care, the patients will be provided with an individualized plan of care to complete tracheosotomy care and wean as deemed medically necessary.

    In House Pharmacy:

    To facilitate the appropriate medical care for our patients, West Gables has an in-house pharmacy which is always staffed by a licensed pharmacist.  The pharmacist works hand in hand with the rest of the interdisciplinary team to facilitate the appropriate medical treatment for patients.  The pharmacist are also available to provide the patients with education on their medications and possible drug interactions.

    Dietary & Food Services:

    All patients admitted to West Gables are evaluated by our dietary staff for an appropriate diet to meet their medical and personal needs.  The dietary staff prides itself in the ability to cater to the dietary preferences of each of our patients which can vary with the multi-cultural population in Miami Dade County.  Our dieticians are also available to provide patients with individualized education on their dietary needs and can help patients with progressing with an individualized diet once discharged from the program.