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  • The orthopedic program at West Gables has been designed to utilize an intensive rehabilitation program to assist patients in regaining their lost function as a result of a bone fracture, elective joint replacement or musculoskeletal injury.  The program utilizes various treatment principles to quickly address the pain that is usually associated with such conditions and then challenge the patient’s overall strength and balance to allow for a speedy functional recovery.

    Within the orthopedic program at West Gables exists protocols for elective total knee replacements, elective total hip replacements and elective spinal surgeries (such as Kyphoplasty and Laminectomy).  These programs were designed using the latest research to encompass the needs of the patients and surgeons for rehabilitation services.

    Some of the program’s features include:

    1. An 8 Day Inpatient Rehabilitation Stay to challenge a quick and effective transition home.
    2. Functional Basis – challenge patient’s to regain lost function as quickly as possible with modifications such as the use  of assistive devices
    3. Educational Program – patients and family/support systems (if applicable) will be properly oriented and educated on their condition and the rehabilitation needs to return to normal life.  All patients are provided with a general and diagnosis specific orientation /education manual which includes an extensive home exercise program to continue with his/her rehab in the hospital room and upon discharge home.
    4. Walker Program – patients are challenged to continue their mobility in their rooms and on within the hospital wings to facilitate a functional independence.
    5. A 2-3 Month Outpatient Program Stay to challenge a quick and effective transition to the community (may or may not include work).
    6. Fluidity – the program is designed to allow for a smooth transition between Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation Programs to allow for an appropriate continuum of care