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Visiting Policy

  • Please note a change in our visitation policy due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    The support of family and friends in the rehabilitation process is important.  However, please keep in mind that visiting hours are from 8am – 8 pm and visitors are not allowed in treatment areas unless you have been asked specifically to participate in a family training or education session.  

    If deemed necessary by you or your rehabilitation team, family training can be a critical part of your rehabilitation process.  If during your stay at WGRH, it is determined that you require physical assistance once home, family training will be initiated in your room or in the gym under the guidance of your rehabilitation team to properly train your family to provide the appropriate assistance.

    In the case that a patient family member would like to stay in the room with the patient during his/her stay, a request should be made to the nursing staff who will coordinate with our admissions department to meet this need.  Please know that such accommodations are made based on room availability.