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Request for Records

  • The hospital recognizes the right of a patient/legal representative to have access to (view and obtain a copy) of their health information, which is maintained within the designated record set of the medical record. Every patient/legal representative may request their personal health information after they have completed their treatment at the facility. Per hospital policies and procedures, medical record copies cannot be provided until the patient has been fully discharged from the hospital.

    Requests to obtain copies of your medical record must be submitted in writing, by properly filling out a Release of Information form to the Medical Record Department. The Medical Record Department will honor all requests in accordance to time frames stipulated by the State of Florida; which in this case is 30 days.

    Requests to obtain copies of your billing records must also be submitted in writing to the Medical Records Department; however, these requests will be submitted to our Central Business Office in Mechanicsburg, PA for which the copies will be sent directly to the address you provide on the release form.

    A fee may be incurred for copies of Medical Records, in accordance with State Law. Florida Statute 395.3025 provides for a reasonable fee for the copying of the patient's medical record; the fee shall not exceed $1.00 per page for the first (25) pages and $.25 per page for each page in excess of (25) pages.