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Our Patients

    • Luis Delgado

      Luis Delgado

      On March 29, 2017, Luis Delgado suffered a stroke. He was rushed in an ambulance to a local hospital where he was admitted to intensive care for ten days. Unable to sit or walk on his own, he chose to go to West Gables Rehabilitation Hospital for more intensive rehabilitation care.

      Upon admission, the care team evaluated him. The very next day he began his therapy and met his therapy team, whom he calls his “guardian angels.” Within three days, he was sitting with a mirror to help him find his balance. Within two weeks, he was taking his first steps with a walker.

      Luis was in West Gables Rehabilitation Hospital for three weeks and four days total. Before arriving at the hospital, Luis didn’t think he was ever going to be able to sit or walk independently again, but the care team at West Gables Rehabilitation Hospital gave him back his independence.

      “I can't say enough about all the teamwork everyone has put in to help me be who I am today,” said Luis. “I owe my life and health to West Gables Rehabilitation Hospital.”