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    • Dr. Gerardo Santos

      Dr. Gerardo Santos

      Dr. Gerardo Santos is well known to West Gables Rehabilitation Hospital. As a primary care physician to much of the Miami community, Dr. Santos is not only known to his fellow physicians and other health care providers at West Gables but also to many of the patients who he has provided care to over the years.

      On January 26, 2012, Dr. Santos went to sleep noting some difficulty with his speech.  He woke up mid way through the night to notice difficulty standing up and walking. Dr. Santos was immediately rushed to the hospital where he was found to have suffered a massive stroke leaving the right side of his body completely paralyzed. As a result of the stroke, Dr. Santos was now not able to do the most basic of life's functions such as eating, speaking, getting dressed or walking.

      Dr. Santos was transferred to West Gables with the primary goal of regaining his normal life. Dr. Santos has demonstrated an incredible recovery as a result of intensive Inpatient and Outpatient therapy which has included physical, occupational and speech therapy. The primary goal of each of these therapies has been to challenge Dr. Santos to regain normal use of his body and regain his lost independence as this is the goal for each of our patients admitted with stroke. Dr. Santos was able to progress during his time at West Gables from a point of not being able to even sit up without total assistance to now being able to get in and out of bed, stand up and begin to walk. Dr. Santos has been able to overcome numerous obstacles and although his rehabilitation is yet to come to an end, we have no doubt that he will continue to prove to be one of our greatest successes at West Gables.