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Our Patients

    • WGR-Multiple-Trauma-Gusto-Petit-110x110.jpg

      Gusto Petit

      Gusto Petit was living the typical life of a 21-year old, working as a food runner/room service for a hotel in his native country of Haiti. Gusto is also very close to his mother and sister and enjoyed playing and watching sports and going out… View more

    • SterlingRigby-photo-110x110.jpg

      Sterling Rigby

      Sterling Rigby, 58, is a married father of three children and worked as a corrections officer in his home country of the Bahamas. One evening in July after church, Sterling and his wife decided to grab dinner at a local bowling alley. They… View more

    • Fiona-Moree-photo-website-110x110.jpg

      Fiona Moree

      Born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, 43-year old Fiona A. Moree enjoyed an active life of working as a financial analyst and frequently traveling abroad with her favorite travel buddy, her sister. Life as Fiona knew it changed dramatically in… View more

    • Peggy Murray_resized

      Peggy Murray

      In October 2017, Peggy Murray experienced her first seizure and was subsequently diagnosed with a large, but thankfully benign, brain tumor. Just weeks later she underwent surgery to have it removed. In the aftermath of the procedure, she lost… View more

    • Luis Delgado

      Luis Delgado

      On March 29, 2017, Luis Delgado suffered a stroke. He was rushed in an ambulance to a local hospital where he was admitted to intensive care for ten days. Unable to sit or walk on his own, he chose to go to West Gables Rehabilitation Hospital… View more

    • Chris Martinez

      Christopher Martinez

      Christopher Martinez was leading a normal life for a 23-year-old, going to college, working full time, out with his friends having a good time when on October 18, 2012, his life drastically changed.He was in the back seat of his friend's Honda… View more

    • Dr. Gerardo Santos

      Dr. Gerardo Santos

      Dr. Gerardo Santos is well known to West Gables Rehabilitation Hospital. As a primary care physician to much of the Miami community, Dr. Santos is not only known to his fellow physicians and other health care providers at West Gables but also to… View more

    • Nora Nardo

      Nora Nardo

      Life has an incredible way of putting challenges in front of us. For Nora Nardo, her greatest challenge came soon after Thanksgiving in 2011. After enjoying a great night with her family and friends, Nora, who was living an active and… View more

    • Michelle Soto

      Michelle Soto

        Think of all the great memories that the birth of a child brings: the announcement of being a boy or a girl, the congratulations from all of the family members, and the list goes on. When Michelle Soto became pregnant for the third time,… View more